Article Withdrawal

Authors are not allowed to withdraw the submitted manuscripts which have been in the review process until a decision is made by the Editor, because withdrawals are a waste of valuable resources so that editors and reviewers spend a lot of time processing submitted manuscripts, money and work invested by publishers.

If the author still asks for the withdrawal of the manuscript while the manuscript is still in the peer review process, the writer will be subject to a withdrawal sanction of IDR 1,000,000 per manuscript as a withdrawal penalty to the publisher. However, it is unethical to withdraw manuscripts that have been entered from one journal if they are accepted by another journal. Withdrawal of manuscripts after the manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will be subject to a penalty in the form of payment of IDR 2,000,000 per manuscript. Manuscript withdrawal is only allowed after the withdrawal penalty has been paid to the Issuer.

If the author does not agree to pay the fine, the author and its affiliates will be blacklisted for publication in this journal.